Safety, Health and Environment


Varstein Bio-Organic Inc shall uphold its position as a leader in the industry by conducting all its activities in a manner that is protective of the environment, and in ensuring the health and safety of its employees, contractors, visitors, and the community around which it operates. These include all manufacturing locations, offices, research laboratories, sales and distribution points and warehouses.

In fulfillment of this commitment, we shall maintain a continuing effort to:
  • Achieve ZERO HARM by following world class standards of SHE Management Systems, Responsible care initiatives, process safety management, good maintenance practices, enhancement strategies for the environment, and the Protection of the Environment
  • Enhance Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) awareness and responsibility among our employees and associated stakeholders including contractor/ transport personnel, valued customers along at par with own employees through effective communication, training, and demonstrated performance to achieve ZERO HARM- Zero Harm to People, Zero Harm to Assets and Zero Harm to Environment
  • Comply and endeavour to exceed with all applicable safety, health, and environment laws and regulations to set the highest standards
  • Integrate SHE considerations into business planning and decision making without compromise in pursuit of commercial advantage
  • Embody principles of product stewardship by enhancing health, safety, environmental and social impacts of products and services across their lifecycles
  • Proactively reduce our risk assessment through risk assessment, process improvements, periodic SHE audits, the investigation of all workplace and process safety incidents and illnesses, and closure of findings to promptly correct any unsafe conditions or practices
  • Make SHE performance an important parameter that would govern key decisions around employee life cycle or continued business relations as applicable
  • Increase shareholders value through SHE excellence
Better Managing Environment, Health & Safety

The management of risks related to the safety of a chemical product requires the adoption of appropriate measures, covering both the development phase of the chemical itself (safety assessment) and the marketing phase. In the former case, the information must be provided to the laboratory at the stage of product development or at the latest when the product is placed on the market, and in the latter case to the purchaser and relevant product handling personnel.